Do books excite kids at digital era? The Fearless of Margaritohora by Anna Stergiou vote Yes!

4 Απριλίου, 2022 - 7:03 μμ

Can a kid’s book excite children at the time of digital technology? The book “The adventures of the Fearless of Margaritochora. The theft of loot from the Archaeological Museum of Athens” is written by the journalist – author Anna Stergiou and has been published by Komninos publications. It has had very warm audience by kids, parents and teachers.

Exactly one month after its publication the book has already been presented at the Pan-Epirus Confederation of Greece, at the Study Center “To spitaki mou” of Marina Dekoulou and Elena Papagerasimou and at the hospitable, 13th primary public school in New Smyrna.

It’ s not the first book of Anna Stergiou but this war written for her son. She has written also for adults “The eyes of fear” [Ta matia tou fovou, Livanis 2004], “Tassos Halkias: the blow of God”, 2014 [Τάσος Χαλκιάς: το φύσημα του θεού”, Εκδόσεις Μιχάλης Σιδέρης 2014] and also “The lady of Dragon” [Η κυρά του Δράκου, Εκδόσεις Κομνηνός 2022].

The Adventures of the Fearless is the beginning of a series of kid’s books. It refers to a group of children, who with their magical gifts manage to solve mysteries. Yiannis, Christina, Dimitris, Jason, Orestes, Paris, who live in Margaritochora, a place in Greece, drink oil and eat olives from the Holy Olive of goddess Athena, to gain strength. They travel in time to the Sacred Oak of Dodoni to get an oracle. They arrive at the Workshop of old researcher Archimedes, who is disabled but is the “mind” of the story, which gives them the appropriate solutions to fight the “bad guys”, Dan and Burton.

Kids have been thrilled with the illustrations, the heroes and the balloon that are circulating. They have read excerpts from the book, painted the heroes, added their own. They asked Ms. Anna Stergiou to include other gifts and suggested that the Fearless travel to European cities.

The younger ones got excited about Fearless dog, Jeffrey and most of them wanted to get the gift of Water and Fire. Others said they wanted the gift of ice, while one asked the heroes to fly. Kids almost 12 years old chose the gift of Time, like the protagonist of the book, Fearless, Yiannis, so that they can change what is not done right!

Kids have had experienced the magic of the heroes, stated that they eat oil and olives and wanted to become… Fearless! The presentations of the Fearless of Margaritochora (Atromete of Margaritohora) continue. For those who are interested contact us by phone: + 6974940661 (Greece) or consult Komninos publications.

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