How can you play with our culture “Chryso-Mendonis”?

1 Ιουλίου, 2021 - 4:47 πμ

Fortunately, the ancient Greeks do not live to see today’s politicians, who manage our culture…

We saw the attituted of our politicians of Mitsotakis goverment with the fire in Mycenae.

We saw them with the concrete on the Acropolis…

We saw the attitude to musicians and the people of the theater. Most of them were lefted without a penny for months at the pandemia.

We saw how they managed to take our statues and the culture of Greek antiquities for 50 years abroad.

We saw how they have been treated the antiquities in Venizelou in Thessaloniki.

We saw it with the case of Lignadis, who was the “hypocrite” of the theater…

Dear Politicians of this Goverment you have made us so embarassed with the way you treated Picasso’s painting.

I felt -damn the hour – we trusted our culture to you…

Oh my godess of Culture, Melina, you are not alive to see this mess, this abjection. Maybe you would have started turning around your grave with these people…

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